House Rules

Character Creation

  • Attributes will be rolled with 4d6 dropping the lowest reroll any 1’s.
  • All core classes are acceptable, a base classes with the exception of “Magus” and “Summoner”, Ninja and Samurai are accepted as well, no psionics.
  • We will be starting at 5th level with 12000 gp, with a max of 1/3rd of your gold on any 1 item. (This means you can afford a +1 weapon and +2 armor and still have 1/2 your gold left.)
  • You may take 1 trait.
  • Every one starts with 1 hero point.

Third-Party and Paizo Supplements

  • Core only spells.
  • Any Paizo feat, weapon and armor is acceptable, Third-Party is only on DM approval. (Meaning don’t put it on your sheet until you ask.)

Nat 1’s & Nat 20’s

  • Natural 1’s will only be counted as auto-failures on attacks. Skill checks, Saves and any other rolls will be resolved normally.
  • Natural 1’s will also be “Confirmed” as fumbles with a weapon, if you manage to hit the targets AC, then it is just a miss, if you miss again then it is a fumble, on another Natural 1 it is a critical fumble
  • Natural 20’s will only be counted as auto-successes on attacks. Skill checks, Saves and any other rolls will be resolved normally.
  • Natural 20’s will also be “Confirmed” as criticals, if you miss it is still a hit, if you roll another Nat 20 then it is a double crit, on a 3rd roll of 20 it is an insta-kill.

Coup de Grace

  • A Coup de Grace brings you to within 1 of your death.

Table Talk

  • All OOC (Out of Character) talk is to be kept in text based chat. Anything that is said will be accepted as in character and the NPC’s/world will act accordingly. (Within reason of course, I understand life happens, I have two children myself. However, cross-talk between players is extremely frowned upon unless done in character, then it is encouraged.)

Rule of Cool

  • I will only request rolls on your character if it there is a possibility of failure or something interesting would happen on a success or failure. A 5th level rogue should be able to sneak up on a gaurd or unlock a normal door, as a 5th level fighter should be able to destroy a lvl 2 commoner or adept.
  • Also, the more creative you are, the more I will let you “get away” with things.

House Rules

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